Emerica Reynolds 3 Vulc G6 (Black/Black)

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This shoe was made up to Andrew Reynolds' super high standards with top quality materials and technology. Emerica dropped in G6 polyurethane insoles made of high rebound foam to help absorb impact from hard landings, and double wrapped vulc construction that offers excellent board feel with minimal weight. The Heel Anchor System was installed to help lock your feet into the shoes for superior response and control over your board. And to top it off, they even added a little bling to the eyelets for extra style.

  • Vulcanized
Primary Upper Materials
  • Suede
  • G6 Insole
  • Heel Anchor System
  • One Piece Toe
  • Bling On Top Eyelet

Vulcanized - “Vulc” shoes are light, flexible and break in quickly. The sole consists of several layers of rubber, glued together then attached to the upper with rubber foxing tape. Vulcanized soles don’t provide as much foot protection or support as cupsoles, but they are preferred if you’re looking for good board feel in a shoe with less weight and bulk.


G6 Insole - A lightweight, high-rebound foam cushion insole to help absorb impacts from hard landings.

Heel Anchor System - An arc shaped foam padding that wraps around your ankles and is designed to keep your feet where you want them, locked into your shoes.

One Piece Toe - A one piece toe allows the upper material to wear evenly, without worrying about blowing out a seam