Special Orders



Looking for something we don't have in stock? Check out our distributor's website! 
If you see something you want, E-MAIL/CALL us and we will get it to you as fast as possible!

1. Visit AWHSales.com or easternskatesupply.com and browse for product you want
a. eastern login guest password 12345
2. Copy the URL(S) of the item(s) you want
3. E-mail us URL(S) so that we know exactly want you want using "Special Order" as the subject of the E-mail
4. We will confirm the order with you once we receive this E-mail from you

5. We will contact you when we have received your product for in-store pickup (average shipments take 2 - 3 days).

Let us know if you want to be delivered for an additional cost


To track your order or to ask any questions about the Special Order process, please contact us!


Check out our distributor
If they have it in stock
We can get it FAST