Jeric's "Gail Lewis Deck" Autographed 8.25" Limit 1


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3.00 LBS
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1 unit
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Gail Lewis Shop Deck 8.25" - Limit 1 per house hold - THESE BOARDS WILL SHIP OUT ON WEDNESDAY the 31st

Once we sell out of the last 20 or so we have, we will start taking preorders (making 100 more)

We will be making more, you can order as many as you want very soon

These boards are part of the first batch of Gail Lewis decks, There are 100 boards in the first batch (50 Left) releasing 10 to 15 a day until we run out

We will be taking pre orders for a second batch as soon as the first batch sells out. The second batch of decks will be a pay before production order. Once we have sold enough boards to build an order the boards will go into production. The  manufacture is prepared to produce as many as we want. 

Artwork by @communityskate on IG

Proceeds from this board will go to Shiners Children's Hospital, Thanks for you support